EmploymentSource™ covers a range of Canadian employment law topics from wrongful dismissal to Canadian occupational health and safety


WestlawNext® Canada EmploymentSource™
combines expert commentary, case law, legislation and Wrongful Dismissal Quantums with functionality that is practical and easy to use.

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Convenient access to many resources designed to help employment lawyers like you work faster and with more confidence.

  • Effectively advise on compliance
  • Defend occupational health and safety charges
  • Prepare successful dismissal or termination strategies
  • and more
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Exclusive Wrongful Dismissal Quantum Service

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Use the visual graphics
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Reduce legal research
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Advise clients
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WestlawNext® Canada even suggests related content for additional insights

All the related documents are at your fingertips, giving you greater efficiency and confidence in your research.

Market-leading plain language search engine that’s easy to use
Simultaneously search across multiple content types then filter to find the most relevant information in seconds.

Primary Sources
Easy access to a comprehensive collection of full-text employment-related case law, plus employment and labour-related statues and regulations.

Case History
Shows a graphical representation of the case’s progression through the courts.

Citing References
Integrated into your search results are expert commentary that helps you develop a legal strategy and deal with complex cases efficiently saving you time and giving you confidence that you are on the right track.


Exclusive Court Docs
You can view and print PDF documents such as statement of claim and statement of defense.

PDF Images and Case Law
You can view, print, save or email PDF images of the reported or original decisions.

Case Views
Access the PDF image of the original decision from the Source View of the decision. Access the PDF image of the law report from the Dominion Law Report (D.L.R.) View of the case.

Expert perspectives help you build and refine your clients’ case

Access exclusive and leading commentary by Canada’s foremost employment and occupation health and safety law experts with links to both case law and legislation to ensure authoritative and reliable research is at your desktop.

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Keep current with two leading employment and dismissal law newsletters and digests

The Employment Bulletin
Editor-In-Chief: R. Mark Fletcher - Grosman, Grosman & Gale LLP
Timely and authoritative insight on critical and emerging workplace issues.

Dismissal and Employment Law Digest
Editor-in-Chief: Howard Levitt – Levitt & Grosman LLP
Commentary on key employment cases, plus concise, practical summaries of the latest dismissal cases from across Canada.

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